Dr. Maziar Salahi
Faculty: Faculty of Mathematical Sciences
Department: Department of Applied Mathematics
University of Guilan
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Dr. Maziar Salahi
Academic Rank:

Associate Prof.


Faculty of Mathematical Sciences


Department of Applied Mathematics

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I am on research leave at the University of Waterloo from July 2015 to June 2016. I work with Prof. Henry Wolkowicz.

I started  my academic career at the University of Guilan in 2006 after spending a short postdoc position at the school of computational engineering and science at McMaster University, Hamilton, Canada.  I enjoy my work and educating students.


Research Interests:

My research interests mainly focuses on developing efficient interior point algorithms for solving linear and nonlinear optimization problems.  Recently, I am also  involved on modeling  and solving some location problems.  Besides my main research interest, I am also interested in nulmerical linear algebra and scientific computing.


 Editorial Board Membership:

 Bulletin of the Iranian Mathematical Society, since Sep. 2013.

 International Journal of Applied Operational Research, since Sep. 2011.

Journal of Mathematical Modeling, since Sep. 2013.


1: Undergraduate degree from the University of Guilan in applied mathematics with honor, 1998.


2: Master degree in applied mathematics from Sharif University of Technology, 2000.


3: Ph.D. in applied mathematics (Optimization) from McMaster University in Hamilton, Canada, 2006.

Winner of the best student paper prize of MITACS (www.mitacs.ca), 2005.


Advisor: Prof. Tamas Terlaky, www.lehigh.edu/~tat208


4: Winner of the Dr. Abbas Riazi Kermani Prize in 2009, The prize is awarded to the best paper in Annual Iranian Mathematics Conference.


5: Sabbatical at the University of Waterloo  from Jully 2015 till June 2016 hosted by Prof. Henry Wolkowicz.

1: M. Salahi, S. Fallahi, Trust region subproblem with an additional linear inequality constraint, Optimization Letters (Springer), 10(4), 2016, 821-832.


2:  M. Salahi, A. Taati, A Fast Eigenvalue Approach for Solving the Trust Region Subproblem with an Additional Linear Inequality, accepted in Computational and Applied Mathematics (Springer), April 2016.


3:  M. Salahi, A. Taati, An Efficient Algorithm for Solving the Generalized Trust Region Subproblem, accepted in Computational and Applied Mathematics (Springer), April 2016.


4: S. Fallahi, M. Salahi, On the complex quadratic fractional optimization with a quadratic constraint, accepted in Opsearch (Springer), April 2016.


5: M. Salahi, S. Fallahi, On the Quadratic Fractional Optimization with a Strictly Convex Quadratic Constraint,  Kybernetika, 51(2), 2015, 306-321.


6: M. Salahi, A. Jamalian, Multiple Capacitated Plant Location Problem with Customer and Supplier Matching, Computational Mathematics and Modeling (Springer), 26(2),  2015, 273-283.


7: M. Salahi, A. Zare, SDO relaxation approach to fractional quadratic minimization with one quadratic constraint, Journal of  Mathematical Modeling, 3(1), 2015, 1-13.


8: M. Salahi, S. Fallahi, Parametric Approach for Solving Quadratic Fractional Optimization with a Linear and a Quadratic Constraint, accepted in Computational and Applied Mathematics (Springer), Oct 2014.


9: M. Salahi, A. Taati, Interior Point Gradient Algorithm for Totally Nonnegative Least Squares Problems in Inequality Sense, International Journal of Computer Mathematics, 91(7), 2014, 1593-1600.


10: M. Salahi, S. Fallahi, A Semidefinite Optimization Approach to Quadratic Fractional Optimization with a Strictly Convex Quadratic Constraint, Iranian Journal of Mathematical Sciences and Informatics, 9(2), 2014, 65-71.


11: A. Jamalian, M. Salahi, Robust Solutions to Multi-Facility Weber Location Problem under Interval and Ellipsoidal Uncertainty, Applied Mathematics and Computation (Elsevier), 242, 2014, 179–186.


12: P. Sagheb, M. Moradi, M. Salahi, Supplier Evaluation: Fuzzy Linguistic Preference Relations and Fuzzy C-Means Approach, International Journal of Operations Research, 11(3), 2014,  69-81.


13: P. Sagheb Haghighi, M. Moradi, M. Salahi, Categorizing Suppliers’ Risk Performance Using Fuzzy LinPreRa based AHP and Fuzzy C-Means, International Journal of Intelligent Systems and Applications, vol 6, 2014.


14: F. Kalantary, H. MolaAbasi, M. Salahi, M. Veiskarami, Prediction of liquefaction induced lateral displacements using robust optimization model, Scientia Iranica, 20(2),  2013, 242-250.

15: M. Salahi, A. Jamalian, A. Taati, Global Minimization of Multi-Funnel Functions Using Particle Swarm Optimization, Neural Computing and Applications (Springer), 23(7-8), 2013, 2101-2106.

16: M. Salahi, S. Fallahi, Linear Fractional Program Under Interval and Ellipsoidal Uncertainty, Kybernetika, 49(1),  2013, 181-187.


17: H. MolaAbasi, F. Kalantary, M.Salahi, Uncertainty in Shear Wave Velocity Based on Standard Penetration Test by Using Error Least Square Model, Journal of Engineering Geology, 6(2), 2013.



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Department of Applied Mathematics, Faculty of Mathematical Science, University of Guilan, Namjoo Street, Rasht, Iran, P.O.Box 1914.

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