Farhad Rahmaninia
Faculty: Faculty of Sport Science and Physical Education
University of Guilan
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Farhad Rahmaninia
Academic Rank:



Faculty of Sport Science and Physical Education


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1.Name: Farhad Rahmani-Nia
2.Institution: Faculty of Physical Education and Sport Sciences. University of Guilan. Rasht. Iran.
3.Designation:  Professor and Dean of faculty of P.E. and Sport Sciences.
4.Contact Address: P.O.BOX: 41635-4113-Rasht-Iran.
Phone: +98-131-6690685
Fax: +98-131-6690675


5.Teaching and Research Experience:
* Teaching of MSc. & Ph.D Students: 19 years
* Research: 17 years
6. Present Area of Research:
* Obesity and weight control
* Soreness and Exercise
* Fitness assessment


7. Honor:
* Distinguished researcher of Humanitic Sciences in Iran 2004.
* Distinguished researcher in province of Guilan 2003-2004.
* Distinguished researcher of  University of Guilan 2003-2004-2005-2007.
* Winner of  translated book in Festival of year book (2003).
*Winner of the book in Festival of Sport Sciences book in University of Tehran (2001).
*Winner of the best article (2000$) in Olympic Council of Asia (OCA) Sport Congress (12 Mar2009-Kuwait).
8.Membership in Editorial Board:
I am member of 8 editorials board in national and international levels.



Educational Qualifications:
BSc: Physical Education & Sport Sciences (1987)
University of Guilan.
MSc: Physical Education & Sport Sciences (1991)
University of Tehran.
Ph.D: Exercise Physiology (1998)
University of Teacher Training in Tehran.


1.Book Published:

Publication year (edition)
Coaches Guide to sport physiology
B.J. Sharkey
Introduction to weight training
Dynamics of Strength Training
Moran & McGlyn
Physiology of sport and Exercise
Wilmore & Costill
Fitness Facts
Franks & Howley
Sports Nutrition
J.A. Driskell
Kinetic Anatomy
R. Behnke
Sport physiology for coaches
Sharkey & Gaskill
Exercise  Physiology
T. Hale
Human Physiology
Measurement in Sport Sciences
Psycho-Social of Physical Education
Women, Sport & Health
Prevention & Treatment of muscle soreness
Obesity and weight control
Physical activity, Fitness & Wellness
Exercise Physiology laboratory manual
G. M. Adams
2015 (2)

2. Research Papers in International Journals:


1-Eslami, L., Isazadefar, K., Karami, M., Eslami, L., Rahmani-Nia, F., Nakhostinroohi, B. (2015). The effect of 12-weeks regular physical activity and Vitamin E in the treatment of Non-alcholic Steatohepatitis. َA pilot study. Govaresh, 20(1). 2015.pp: 25-37.
63.Arazi, H., Rahmani-Nia, F., Hosseini, K., Asadi, A. (2015). Effects of short term creatine supplementation and resistance exercises on resting hormonal and cardiovascular responses. Science & Sports. 30. PP: 105-109.
2.Rahmani-Nia, F., Mirzaei, B., Rahimi, R. (2015). Effects of resistance exercise volume on appetite regulation exercise volume on appetite regulation and lipid profile in overweight youngmen. Science & sports. 31.PP:

3.Shahini, B., Rahmani-Nia, F., shaabani, R. (2015). The relationship between method of commuting home to school distance with overweight and physical fitness of non-athletic female student. Mitteilungen seachsischer Entomologen. Vol: 116. pp: 270-279.
4.Rahimi, R., Mirzaei, B., Rahmani-Nia, F., Salehi, Z. (2015). Effects of creatine monohydrate supplementation on exercise-induced apoptosis in athletics: A randomized, double-blind and placebo-controlled study. Journal of Research in Medical Science. 20. pp: 733-738.
5.Monemi-Amiri, A., Hosseini, S.R., Rahmani-Nia, F., Nooreddini, H., Bijani, A. (2015). Relationship between bone mineral density and physical activity level in the elderly. Annals of Applied Sport Science. 3(2). pp: 23-32.
6.Alizadeh, A.A., Rahmani-Nia, F., Mohebbi, H., Zakerkish, M. (2015). Effects of eight weeks aerobic exercise on plasma levels of orexin A, Leptin, glucose, insulin and insulin resistance in males with type 2 diabetes. Iranian Journal of Diabetes and Obesity.
7.Alizadeh, A.A., Rahmani-Nia, F., Mohebbi, H., Zakerkish, M. (2015). Effects of acute aerobic exercise on plasma levels of orexin A, insulin, glucose, and insulin resistance in men with type 2 diabetes. Journal of Ahvaz Jundishapur.
8.Jafari, S., Rahmani-Nia, F., Arazi, H. (2015). The effects of an circuit Strength training program an the muscle Strength Body image and anxiety of anxious underweight male college Students. Creation sports medicine Journal. (30) PP: 42-49.
9.Mirzaei, B., Rahmani-Nia, F., Lotfi, N., Nabati, S.M. (2016).Trainalility of body composition aerobic power and muscular endurance of codet wrestlers. Journal of podagogics, psychology, Medical- Biological Problems of physical training and sports. 5: 53-57.

3. Research Papers in National Journals:
 141papers published in national Journals.
4.Conference Papers:
285 Papers presented in national and international conferences.
5.Workshop Presentation:
26workshops presented in different universities and research centers.

 6.Membership in Editorial Board:
I am member of 8 editorials board in national and international levels.

1-Human Physiology

2-Research Methods

3-Sport Nutrition

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