Moharram Rezayati
Faculty: Faculty of Literature and Humanities
Department: Department of Persian Literature
University of Guilan
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Moharram Rezayati

Academic Rank: Professor

Faculty: Faculty of Literature and Humanities

Department: Department of Persian Literature

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 Bachelor of Arts, Persian Language & Literature, University of Gilan, Gilan, 1987

 Master of Arts, Persian Language & Literature, Shahid Chamran University, Ahwaz, 1991

 PhD, Persian Language & Literature, Tehran University, Tehran, 2001

 Articles

- A Study on the Sources of Some of the Poems in Ghashirieh’s Essay (2002)
- Some Grammatical Points in Taleshi Dialect (2003)
- Pronominal Compound Verbs in Persian Language (2004)
- Ergative in Taleshi Dialect (2005)
- Reflections on Sheikh Safieddin Ardabili’s Fahlaviat (Folk Couplets) (2005)
- Infinitives and their Structure in Taleshi Dialect (2006)
- Ergative Structure in Khalkhal’s Taleshi Dialect (in Collaboration with Jahandoost Sabzalipoor) (2007)
- Verb Structure in Central Taleshi (Pareh Sari) (2009)
- A Study on the Structure of Simple Verbs in Persian Prose (2008)
- Social Lexicology in Taleshi Dialect (in Collaboration with Reza Cheraghi) (2008)
- Verb Roots and Affixes in Tati, Taleshi and Gilaki Dialects (in Collaboration with Jahandoost Sabzalipoor) (2008)
- Prefixed Verbs in Persian Prose (2009)
- Noun Group in Central Taleshi Dialect (2009)
- The Influence of Phonetic Features of Persian Language on Vocal Music (in Collaboration with Alireza Mohammadi Kallehsari) (2009)
- Social and Anthropological Expressions in Taleshi Dialects (in Collaboration with Dr. Firooz Fazeli and Maryam Yussefi) (2008)
- Passive Verbs in Iranian Languages and Dialects (in Collaboration with Majid Jalalehvand Alkami) (2011)
- A Specific Type of Present Perfect Tense in Ferdowsi’s Shahnameh (in Collaboration with Masoomeh Ghayoori) (2012)
- Shahriar and the Contemporary Ode (in Collaboration with Bashir Nikdel) (2008)
- Prefixed Verbs in the 6th Century AH Prose (in Collaboration with Hesam Ziaei) (2008)
- A Research on Sharafshah Dulabi’s Divan (in Collaboration with Dr. Mohammad Kazem Yusefpoor and Hoora Ghahramani) (2008)
- A Look at the High School Grammar (in Collaboration with Esmail Naghdi) (2008)
 - Phonetic Comparison of Nouns in Gilaki and Persian (in Collaboration with Negin Safarinejad Binazir) (2008)


 Reports & Critiques
- Field of Seemorgh (A Critique on the Comparative Cultures of Tati, Taleshi and Azeri) (2003)
- Gabbing on Gileh Gab (A Critique on Gileh Gab Dictionary) (2004)
- Report of the 1st Scientific Conference on the Culture & Civilization of Talesh (in Collaboration with Dr. Firooz Fazeli) (2004)
- On the Syntactic Features of Persian Prose – by Mahindokht Sedighian (in Collaboration with Soheyla Farhangi) (2008)
- In the Sidelines of the Conference of Woman in the Mirror of Taleshi Ethnicity (2005)
- Two Sides of a Coin (2005)

 Conferences

- Sheikh Abdolghader Gilani in Al-Fath al-Rabbani (2007)
- Introducing a Valuable Work on Northern Taleshi (2006)
- Comparison of a Few Grammatical Features in Lari and Taleshi Dialects (2008)
- A Prelude to the Compilation Method of Dialectal Encyclopedias (2010)

 University Papers
- Translation of Ghashirieh’s Essay (2007)
- Couplets (2009)
- Sofyan Thoori (2009)
- Abu Hafs Sohrevardi (2011)
- Jarollah Zamakhshari (2009)
- Seemorgh (2011)
- Abu al-Najib Sohrevardi (2011)
- Sohrevardi (Sheikh Eshragh) (2011)
- Sheikh Abdolghader Gilani (2011)
- Sheikh Safieddin Ardebili (2011)

 Books
- Researching Ghashirieh’s Essay (2005)
- Taleshi Dialect (2007)
- Thematic Taleshi-Persian Dictionary (2008)
- Call of Talesh (Collection of Papers) (2010)

 Works in Progress
- Taleshi Literature: As a Collection of Works of the Culture and Civilization of Gilan
- Taleshis, their Way of Life and Language: Translation; Written by Paul Rees (in collaboration with Dr. Shahnaz Mohammadzadeh)
- A Wealth of Taleshi Dialects: The grand project of collecting different versions of Taleshi Dialect in collaboration with the Academy of Persian Language and Literature. This project consists of three volumes of work, offering a comparative description of nine versions of the Taleshi dialect in the areas of phonetics, lexicon, conjugation and syntax.

 Supervised Theses
- Artistic and Linguistic Functions of Shahriar’s Odes (Bashir Nikdel)
- A Look at the Sociological Issues of the Taleshi Dialect (Maryam Yusefi)
- Historical Dictionary of Persian Language (Mehdi Dian)
- A Study of Verb Structure in Taleshi Dialect (Maryam Poor Shafaghi)
- A Study of Lyrical Examples in Persian Prose by the End of 6th Century (Iraj Heidarzadeh)
- A Look at the Literary and Linguistic Aspects of the Poems of Pir Sharafshah Dolaie (Hoora Ghahramani)
- A Study of the Social Characteristics of the Taleshi Dialect in Eastern Gilan (Zahra Hashemi)
- A Study of Lyrical Examples in Persian Prose of the 7th Century (Suri Sadeghi)
- Comparative Study of Verb Group in Gilaki, Taleshi and Khalkhal’s Tati Dialects (Jahandoost Sabzalipoor)
- An Anthropological Look at Figurative Expressions and Metaphors in Taleshi Dialects (Saeed Ashoori)
- A Study of Verb Structure in Soorabadi’s Interpretation (Asieh Artol Najafabadi)
- Taleshi Couplets of Masal Province and their Artistic and Linguistic Analysis (Zeinab Maleki Moafi)
- Talesh; Bi/Multilingualism Phenomenon in an Ethnic Society (Fatemeh Mirzapoor)


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