Seyed Mohsen Hosseini-Golgoo
Faculty: Faculty of Engineering
Department: Department of Electerical Engineering
University of Guilan
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Seyed Mohsen Hosseini-Golgoo
Academic Rank:

Assistant Prof.


Faculty of Engineering


Department of Electerical Engineering

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Journal Papers

A. Amini and S. M. Hosseini-Golgoo, "Rapid recognition of airborn combustible molecules with an operating temperature-modulated gas sensor", Sensor Letter, Vol. 10, 2012


A. Mohammad-rezaei, R. Afzalzadeh and S. M. Hosseini-Golgoo, "Assessing two different ranges of silver nano particles dopant amount on the ethanol sensing properties of zinc oxide", Measurement, Science and Technology Journal, accepted for publishing,



A. Amini and S. M. Hosseini-Golgoo, "Fast diagnosis of volatile organic compounds with a temperature modulated chemoresistor" , Key Engineering Materials, Vol. 495, pp 310-313, 2012


S. M. Hosseini-Golgoo and F. Hossein-Babaei, "Assessing the diagnostic information in the response patterns of a temperature-modulated tin oxide gas sensor ", Measurement, Science and Technology Journal, Vol. 22, No. 3, 2011


F. Hossein-Babaei, S. M. Hosseini-Golgoo and A. Amini, "Extracting discriminative information from the Padé-Z transformed responses of a temperature-modulated chemoresistive sensor for gas recognition", Sensors and Actuators B, Vol. 142, pp. 19-27, 2009


F. Hossein-Babaei and S. M. Hosseini-Golgoo, "Analyzing the responses of a thermally Modulated gas sensor using a Linear system identification technique for gas diagnosis", IEEE Sensors Journal, Vol. 8, No. 11, 2008


S. M. Hosseini-Golgoo, F. Hossein-Babaei and R. Afzalzadeh, "Detection of combustible gases by tin oxide resistive gas sensor fabricated by electron beam evaporation", Sharif Journal of Science and Technology, No. 38, 2007, in persian



Conference Papers


S. M. Hosseini Golgoo and F. Hossein-Babaei, "Gas Diagnosis by the application of system identification technique on the response of a thermally modulated semiconductor gas sensor", 5th IEEE international Conference on Sensors (IEEE-Sensors2006), South Korea, 2006


S. M. Hosseini-Golgoo, E. Shokouhmand, R. Afzalzadeh and F. Hosseini-babaei, "Vacuum deposition of metal-oxide thin film on silica substrates by physical evaporation", 3rd Iranian National Vacuum Conference, Sharif University, Tehran, Iran, February2008, in persian

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