Prof. Mohammad Ali Zanjanchi
Faculty: Faculty of Science
Department: Department of Chemistry
University of Guilan
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Prof. Mohammad Ali Zanjanchi
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Faculty of Science


Department of Chemistry

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BSc in Chemistry (1976), University of Tabriz, Tabriz, Iran

MSc in Petrochemicals and Hydrocarbons Chemistry (1977), UMIST, Manchester, UK

PhD in X-ray Powder Crystallography (1980), UMIST, Manchester, UK

 M.A. Zanjanchi, Sh. Sohrabnezhad, Evaluation of methylene blue incorporated in zeolite for construction of an optical humidity sensor, Sensors and Actuators: Chemical B, 105, 512 (2005).
 M.A. Zanjanchi, M.Arvand, M. Akbari, K. Tabatabaeian, G. Zaraei, Perchlorate-selective polymeric membrane electrode based on a cobaloxime as a suitable carrier, Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical 113, 304 (2006).
 M.A. Zanjanchi, H. Noei, M. Moghimi, Rapid determination of aluminum by UV-vis diffuse reflectance spectroscopy with application of suitable adsorbents, Talanta 70, 933 (2006).
 M.A. Zanjanchi, A. Ebrahimian, Z. Alimohammadi, A spectroscopic study on the adsorption of cationic dyes into mesoporous AlMCM-41 materials, Optical Materials 29, 794 (2007).
M. Arvand, M.A. Zanjanchi, L. Heydari, Novel thiocyanate-selective membrane sensor based on crown ether-cetyltrimethyl ammonium thiocyanate ion-pair as a suitable ionophore, Sensors and Actuators B: Chemicals 122 (2007) 301.
 M. Arvand, S. Abolghasemi, M.A. Zanjanchi, Simultaneous determination of zinc and copper(II) with 1-(2-pyridylazo)2-naphthol in micellar media by spectrophotometric H-point standard addition method, journal of analytical Chemistry, 62 (2007) 346.
  M.A. Zanjanchi, M. Arvand, A. Islamnezhad, N.O. Mahmoodi, Novel potentiometric membrane sensor based on 6-(4- nitrophenyl)-2-phenyl-4,4-dipropyl-3,5-diaza-bicyclo[3,1,0 ] hex-2-ene for detection of strontium (II) ions at trace levels, Talanta,74 (2007) 125.
 Sh. Sohrabnezhad, A. Pourahmad, M.S. Sadjadi, M.A. Zanjanchi, Growth and Characterization of NiS and NiCoS nanoparticles in mordenite zeolite host, Materials science and Engineering C, 28 (2008) 202.
 M.A. Zanjanchi, M. Vaziri, Spectral studies on the interaction of acetylacetone with aluminum-containing MCM-41 mesoporous materials, Materials Chemistry and Physics 110 (2008) 61.
 M.A. Zanjanchi, A. Ebrahimian, A complementary spectroscopic study on the nickel-containing zeolite Y modified by solid-state dealumination, Materials Chemistry and Physics 110 (2008) 228.
 S.M. Mostashari, M.A. Zanjanchi, H. Fallah Moafi, S.Z. Mostashari, M.R. Babaei Chaijan, Thermogravimetric analysis of a cellulosic fabric incorporated by synthetic ammonium magnesium phosphate as a flame-retardant, Polymer-Plastics Technology and Engineering, 47 (2008) 307.
 H. Kiyani, N. O. Mahmoodi, K. Tabatabaeian, M. Zanjanchi, Photochromic behavior of several new synthesized bis-1,3-diazabicyclo[3.1.0]hex-3-enes, Journal of Physical Organic Chemistry 22 (2009) 559.
 M. Arvand, B. Ghalami-Choobar, M. Moghimi, M. A. Zanjanchi, M.A. Bagherinia, Thermodynamic investigation of the ternary mixed electrolyte (NiCl2 + NiSO4 + H2O) system by potentiometric method at T = 298.15 K, Journal of Chemical Thermodynamics, 41 (2009) 916.
 M. Arvand, M.A. Zanjanchi, A. Islamnezhad, Zeolite-modified carbon-paste electrode as a selective voltammetric sensor for detection of tryptophan in pharmaceutical preparations, Analytical Letters 42 (2009) 727.
H. Kiani, N.O. Mahmoodi, K. Tabatabaeian, M.A. Zanjanchi, Synthesis and photochromism of 1,3-diazabicyclo[3.1.0]hex-3-ene phenol rings, Mendeleev Communications 19 (2009) 203.
 M.A. Zanjanchi, H. Golmojdeh, M. Arvand, Enhanced adsorptive and photocatalytic achievements in removal of methylene blue by incorporating tungstophosphoric acid–TiO2 into MCM-41, Journal of Hazardous Materials 169 (2009) 233.
 M.A. Zanjanchi, M. Arvand, N.O. Mahmoodi, A. Islamnezhad, A fast response strontium ion-selective electrode prepared by sol-gel membrane technique, Electroanalysis 21 (2009) 1816.
  M.A. Zanjanchi, A. Ebrahimian, M. Arvand, Sulphonated cobalt phthalocyanine-MCM-41: An active photocatalyst for degradation of 2,4-dichlorophenol, Journal of Hazardous Materials, 175 (2010) 992.

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